Technical Flow


Withdrawals and Deposits are done on-chain Deposits look like this on Etherscan: All deposits are processed and paid by the token holder externally through their exchange or wallet of choice, but once the deposits are in the wallet all internal transfers are FREE. Withdrawals look like this on Etherscan:ā€‹

All withdrawals are processed by and an internal gas fee is paid by the development team to cover the price at either a loss or gain. (The user never pays this gas price instead they will pay a METM fee)

The Standard Withdrawal fee to cover ETH gas prices.

Withdrawal fee is charged in METM:

šŸ”’ Standard Withdrawal Fee = 5,000 METM šŸ” Hold 500,000ā€“999,999 METM 50% off (2500 METM) šŸ”“ Hold 1,000,000+ METM ā€” No fees for 1 year

Note: Fee prices can change


All transfers between each user is done off-chain and is FREE.


The wallet currently supports only ERC-20 tokens. Other chain tokens will be added in the near future.

Etherscan ERC-20

ā€‹Link Hereā€‹


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For more videos on support you can visit Morph Chat Supportā€‹